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To Have To Hold The beautifully crafted To Have To Hold is the centerpiece of our marriage program. Included in this elegant keepsake volume are sections designed for the family to keep a record of the wedding as well a section examining what it means to live in a “committed love” relationship. These sections also help family members understand the nature of married life. Supportive images combine with a text that tells how the great moments in the life of Christ may guide couples as they embark on a life together.
Together Our third volume is called simply Together: Our Journey of Life and Love. It is a warm tribute to married seniors that speaks also to the many practical issues arising in the pre-retirement and retirement years. Together also has journal space for family memories to be passed on and cherished by the children and grandchildren for many years to come.
Surviving Your Child's Marriage We also make available a volume designed especially for the parents of newlyweds. Surviving Your Child’s Marriage is a delightfully illustrated but whimsically affectionate look at the foibles, follies and outgoing love of parents as they witness their children entering into married life.