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Family Business Services offers a unique and dignified community program that reaches out to families celebrating married life. Our sponsorship marketing method provides an avenue for local business leaders to say “We care” to the families of their community. As a sponsor of our program, business leaders can enhance their image within the community while providing an invaluable service. Our priceless keepsake volumes, presented to newlyweds, their parents and senior married couples in the community, offer much warranted support, practical help and gratitude to families celebrating married life. Family Business Services also offers sales professionals a way to satisfy their work ethic without sacrificing their values or integrity. Through the sale and distribution of our program, our representatives affect business leaders and the families in their communities in a very positive manner. Sponsors of Family Business Services programs include the most respected citizens of the community; business and professional leaders who truly care for the well being of the community and who regularly associate their good name with uplifting initiatives. The Family Business Services programs are designed to reflect the integrity of the local participating sponsor by helping make a difference in the lives of families.
WHAT WE DO: THE BUSINESS WE’RE IN At Family Business Services, we distribute specially commissioned publications and attendant materials to enhance our client’s image and good will in their community, as well as to promote sound values. While we design and publish beautiful quality keepsake volumes for the family, those volumes are a part of a larger whole; a unique and dignified public relations program. Advertising promotes a specific product. Good public relations enhances and promotes the image of the business itself and/or the individuals behind the business, with the hope of creating good will for both within the community. And that is exactly what our program does! Who Benefits From Our Public Relations Programs? Sponsors: Our program benefits the community sponsors by generating good will for them and enhancing their image within the community. Families: Our program benefits families by providing a way to celebrate and reinforce the sanctity of their marriage vows, while giving witness to the generous support for them available within the community. Community: Our program benefits the community because it supports and helps develop strong families and strong families are the future of any community.